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The Modern Advanced Andrews Course

Based upon the techniques developed by Alan Hall Andrews and Roger Babson

Prior to the crash of 1929, Dr. Alan Andrews made several million trading in a few short years. Later in his life he used the Babson techniques to make money faster. We are privileged to be authorized by him to pass his techniques on to you.

We have an extensive library of his writings. The writings clearly show that the way he acutally traded prior to 1975, when his profits were massive, is not well known.

His pre 1975 use of his techniques is easy to implement It It takes time to master. Our edge is having been taught by him personally, having is earlier writings and knowing how they worked.

The simple rule list appears have been written is The publisher of Traders World challenged us to show evidence that Dr. Andrews not only was a great trader, made lots of money and showed others how to do it.

Showing pictures of elegant homes, doesn't prove it as he could have inherited it. Getting trading records from during the period of 1920 to 1980 from someone else's account.....well even the IRS can't do that. We have documentation that shows he would mail instructions for students to read to the brokers on monday morning. His 5K to 50K demonstrations were amazing.<<click to see video proof

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The Modern Advanced Andrews Course Consists of:

On line seminars with videos (20+) and live support.

Techniqes Andrews taught publicly and privately.

On line Advanced Andrews private discussion group.

Free fully functioning copy of Precision Trader 3.0

New updated full color course manual.

Regular emails with examples of present markets and techniques used.


See Documents Showing how he made his $$

See limited edition lavailable

See Andrews (click here) and Ron Jaenisch discussing Babson Techniques

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